Sunday, 20 July 2014

SNES RGB Scart Cable Sync Mod

My SNES looks terrible on my new Samsung LED TV :-(

The picture appears to have a checkerboard pattern / interferance:

After reasearch, I have learnt that the usual RGB Scart cables use composite video as the Sync (Pin 9 on SNES to PIN 20 on scart). This creates havoc on modern day TV's, especially on Samsungs.

How to fix it? Use Luma (PIN 7 on SNES) as the Sync.

Heres what I did.

Take your RGB SNES -> Scart Cable.

Carefully cut the moulded cover down one side so you can open it up

Remove the moulded cover to reveal the insides of the plug

Now locate PIN 9 and PIN 7 (On this cable, PIN 9 is the white wire). Carefully cut around the block of plastic, unsolder the white cable and solder it to PIN 7 (Handily the PIN next to PIN 9 :-))

Replace the rubber moulding, super glue the cut, clean it up and job done!

After sync mod, no more interference, checker board pattern :-)

Friday, 11 July 2014

Custom case for the Super Everdrive!

First I started with an old cartridge, took it spat and used white spirit to remove the front and back labels. I gave it a good clean up:

Now lined up the PCB and dremelled out a slot for the SD Card (this photo was before sanding the edges of the slot!)

PCB in and lined up:

Cart bolted to gather and the rather lovely label provided by Retro Towers applied! Job done!

Perfect! Very happy with how this turned out. Composite Video mod next.

Super Everdrive time!

I received the Super Everdrive today, a nice package from RetroTowers in the UK! Even comes with a cart sticker. Ill build the shell later.

First time to install the DSP1 chip.

It needs to go here : Top marks to Krikzz for clearly marking the PCB and orientation for the DSP1

Chip soldered in, simple :-)

Powered up and working a treat. Pilotwings and Mario Kart as they are supposed to be :-)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

SNES & Super Everdrive flash cart!

Its my birthday tomorrow, one of the gifts my wife has bought me is a Super Everdrive!

In preparation for tomorrow when I can get my hands on it, I thought id remove a DSP1 chip from a Pilotwings cart.

The DSP1 chip needs to be soldered into the Everdrive PCB to allow you to play DSP1 games such as Mario Cart and Pilotwings - two of my favourite SNES games! (And yours I bet ;-))

This is the chip you need to remove:

Armed with iron and sucker, remove solder:

Remove chip, job done, ready for installation to Everdrive tomorrow!