Sunday, 20 July 2014

SNES RGB Scart Cable Sync Mod

My SNES looks terrible on my new Samsung LED TV :-(

The picture appears to have a checkerboard pattern / interferance:

After reasearch, I have learnt that the usual RGB Scart cables use composite video as the Sync (Pin 9 on SNES to PIN 20 on scart). This creates havoc on modern day TV's, especially on Samsungs.

How to fix it? Use Luma (PIN 7 on SNES) as the Sync.

Heres what I did.

Take your RGB SNES -> Scart Cable.

Carefully cut the moulded cover down one side so you can open it up

Remove the moulded cover to reveal the insides of the plug

Now locate PIN 9 and PIN 7 (On this cable, PIN 9 is the white wire). Carefully cut around the block of plastic, unsolder the white cable and solder it to PIN 7 (Handily the PIN next to PIN 9 :-))

Replace the rubber moulding, super glue the cut, clean it up and job done!

After sync mod, no more interference, checker board pattern :-)

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  1. Hymm but why not to connect to pin 3 to get the pure sync which is even better? (though the difference may not be even visible but still)